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If you have an object for which you are considering conservation, it may be helpful to speak with me about it. I offer preliminary 30-minute consultations, free of charge, for this purpose. During the consultation, I will briefly assess the object's condition, ask about your conservation goals, and describe how I may be able to treat it.

If we choose to move forward after our initial consultation, you can leave your object at the studio for a more thorough examination, after which I will send you a condition report for the object, treatment proposal, and bid for the recommended work. Examinations typically take one to two weeks to complete and cost a flat rate of $85 per object.

It is important to note that conservation treatments vary widely. Minor treatments may take a matter of days, while more involved treatments may take months to complete. No treatment is ever performed without signed consent from the owner. Upon completion, you will be provided with a document detailing the treatment performed on your object.

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